Vandals target homes displaying Donald Trump campaign signs
Vandals target home displaying Donald Trump campaign signs (Photo: CNN Newsource)

PROVO, Utah (CNN Newsource) - Vandals took aim at two Utah homes that had Donald Trump campaign signs in their lawn.

Loy Brunson showed CNN affiliate KSTU the damage done to his signs, his home and car. Brunson says the vandals hit his home and his neighbor who also had a Trump sign in the yard. The vandals wrote curse words on his door and two cars and also wrote #FeelThaBurn and "Amerikkka."

Brunson said the incident is very disturbing to him. "If you want to exercise your free speech, then allow others to do the same," Brunson said. "And remember, that stopping free speech like this is a crime; and you can and will possibly be prosecuted for it."

Police in Provo, Utah say they're looking for the people responsible and say that if they find them, the vandals could face charges of criminal mischief and trespassing. Meantime, Brunson said the incident encouraged him and his neighbors to put up more signs -- about 80 in fact -- in support of Donald Trump. 

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